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Greenflame pellet biomass boilers Click to View

Greenflame pellet biomass boilers

Biomass - Eco Friendly Wood Pellet boilers

Keen to offer viable heating solutions to the mass market, Trianco present an excellent selection of superbly designed biomass pellet boilers, one of the most successful ranges in the UK.

NEW Greenflame ECO Internal and External - pellet boilers

The versatile 'ECO' biomass series offers excellent features as standard: ‘Lambda’ control, high specification 'Leister' ignitors. full automation and power modulation.

A new and exciting addition to the ECO is the outstanding Igneo SLIM controller.  This gives the user ultimate control with the ability to view status features and reports on the boiler.   There's also a remote monitoring facility for the customer/Trianco to access. Available in outputs from 10kW - 60kW each unit has option of two large hopper store sizes, e.g.(10kW – 25kW) features a 110kg or 214kg store option, ensuring the minimum re-filling time.  The ECO system starter flue kit is specifically designed to accompany each model with the kit supplied as standard on NEW External models 

Greenflame Eco Friendly Biomass boiler   Greenflame SLIM boiler (external view)  Greenflame internal 15 and 18kW boiler

Greenflame SLIM (External)

The SLIM pellet boiler launched at Ecobuild 2014 and wowed the audiance with its super slim design, previously not associated with biomass boilers. Boasting a small footprint SLIM can be sited discreetly and directly against the wall of a property with no need for rear access.  Fully serviceable from the front, with top flue outlet, SLIM features, lambda control, automatic burner cleaning’, vacuum regulator to control combustion and a 45kg store. External models come complete with NOVA 100mm twin walled stainless steel flue system, a textured weatherproof casing and added frost stat protection. 

This large fuel store is designed to stand neatly and discreetly alongside the SLIM boiler. It's additional storage gives a total of 215kg of pellet load to the boiler, meaning the end user can forget about refuelling for 5-7 weeks.  A variety of hopper stores are also available to suit our products ranging from 0.5 - 10 tonne.  Stores feature:

·         Easy assembly - Minimal fixings required

·         Rotatable outlet box - Allowing easier positioning of auger/boiler

·         Pitched roof - Providing rain water run-off

·         Large pellet viewing window

·         Extra large pellet shield - Restricting the break-up of pellet

Greenflame Combi Pod 
The Greenflame Combi Pod removes the need for a cylinder in the home, allowing space to be retained. Virtually the whole heating system will operate externally, quietly and efficiently. The biomass Combi Pod delivers 14ltrs water per minute and is fully controlled from the boiler by supplied twin channel programmer. Its footprint is similar to that of the SLIM boiler. (Can also be used on Greenflame 28kW standard models.)
ECOAIR is the new addition to the Greenflame range. Specifically designed to link up to the
Greenflame ECO biomass boiler (60kW). ECO AIR offers large volume space heating.
This system is extremely quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to the chosen premises. http://www.trianco.co.uk/case-studies/greenflame-biomass-wood-pellet-boilers/ecoair-is-favourite-with-vg-energy

Completely biomass 

Greenflame ranges span outputs from 10kW - 199kW for domestic and commercial application, with varying integrated store sizes.  All boilers feature user friendly digital controls, automatic feed and excellent efficiencies in excess of 90%. A selection of hopper stores and feeding opitons are available to customers looking for additional fuel store capacity.  Biomass is an environmentally friendly fuel offering substantial CO2 savings, making it a viable choice for the environmentally and cost conscious.  

greenflame biomass pellet boilers - grant initiatives

Ultimately all Greenflame products are MCS accredited and RHI compliant, making them eligible for goverment grants.  Currently the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is in place, this UK wide scheme is designed to support homeowners and businesses wanting to install a renewable heating technology with payback opportunity.  

RHI for domestic users is currently 8.93p per kilowatt hour for all new applications made from 1 April 2015.  For the latest information please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-scheme-offers-cash-incentive-to-households-using-renewable-heating-systems-in-their-homes

The current Commercial RHI Tariff: Under 200kW
Tier 1 = 6.8
p/kWhr for first the first 1,314 at full power (2.2p/kwhr thereafter = Tier 2)

Range Features

• MCS accredited
• Lambda control
• NOVA flue system (Externals) Internals upto 28kW include adapter
• 90.7% + efficient
• Large fuel store capacity
• 7 step power modulation
• Easy to use LCD controller
• Automatic pellet feed
• Integrated pellet store
• Complete with pump and pressure switch
• Up to 7 days continual burning (average usage is 3 to 4 days before re-fuelling)
• Frost Protection (External)
• Low level pellet sensor and warning signal
• AVC control (Air Velocity Control)
• Generously sized ash pan
• Buffer tank required 
• Guarantee: 1 year main parts & 5 year heat exchanger
• Eligible for grant initiatives - Renewable heat incentive
• Tested to EN303-5
• External model includes stainless steel flue system (2 metres)
• ECO Models - Designed for use with ECO system flue 
The Eco series features:
• Igneo SLIM controller
• Efficiencies in excess of 91%
• Lambda probe
• Modern automation
• Innovative cleaning system.
• Low Co2 emissions
• Safety of operation
• Modern design
• Low operation costs
• EN303-5 Efficiency – Class 5
• Up to 90% modulation range
• Large hopper store capacity (larger options available)
• ECO Models - Designed for use with ECO system flue 



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